If you're the proud owner of an outdoor kitchen cart, you know how important it is to keep it tip-top shape. But with all the exposure to the elements, it can be tough to know exactly how to do that. That's why we're here with some friendly tips to help you protect your outdoor kitchen cart and make sure it stays looking and functioning great!

Bar Isle and Bistro Island outside | Indu+

Grill Island w/ Bar Isle

When shopping for an outdoor kitchen cart, choose durable materials like 316 stainless steel and grade A- teak wood, known for their resistance to rust, corrosion, and water damage. These materials can withstand outdoor environments and add style to your outdoor decor. Other materials used for outdoor kitchen carts include powder-coated aluminum and weather-resistant wicker or rattan, depending on your personal style and needs.

Protective Cover | Indu+

 Protective Cover

Using a cover when your outdoor kitchen cart isn't in use can help prevent damage caused by exposure to the elements, like rust and fading. Look for covers made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials like heavy-duty vinyl or polyester to keep it in top condition.


Cleaning a luxury kitchen cart | indu+

Cleaning your outdoor kitchen cart on a regular basis is also important to prevent buildup of dirt and debris that can cause stains and other damage. A gentle cleaner and a soft cloth should do the trick!


Bar Isle | indu+

Bar Isle

If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, it might be a good idea to store your outdoor kitchen cart indoors during the off-season. But if that's not an option, be sure to cover it securely and place it in a sheltered area.

Teak Cutting Board | indu+

Teak Cutting Board

Finally, when you're accessorizing your outdoor kitchen cart, look for items that are designed to withstand the elements. Weather-resistant cutting boards and utensils are great options that can stand up to moisture, heat, and cold.

We hope these tips help you protect your outdoor luxury kitchen cart and get the most out of your investment. With a little bit of care and attention, your kitchen cart will stay looking and functioning great for years to come!