Explore the chic culinary inventiveness of Indu+

Bistro Island

● 4 integrated cutlery sleeves keep tools near for convenient access.

● Three drawers with soft-close center glides, accommodate additional storage.

● Built-in bottle and ingredient tray for easy access.

Bar Isle

● Built in stemware holder for accessible serving.

● Spacious counter slides to reveal an insulated box for chilling drinks and storing ice.

● Built-in wine and spice trays for easy access.

Grill Island

● Dual integrated cutlery sleeves keep tools near for convenient access.

● One expansive storage drawer with a soft-close center glides accommodates additional tools and supplies.

● Includes a beautiful teak counter space for preparation and service.

High standards, mean high quality materials

Chic durable teak

Grade-A teak with solid finger joints bestows exquisite aesthetics and resilience.

Our teak is sustainably, legally and responsibly sourced from our plantation.

Our high-quality teak expresses a natural elegance that will add a touch of sophistication to any space.

Sturdy aluminum framework

Matte black aluminum framework delivers striking contrast to the elegant teak.

Aluminum is light weight and naturally resists rust and oxidation.

Easy to clean with most household agents.

Mobility at it's best

German-engineered wheels enable transportation while also locking in place for stability.

Reconfigure your outdoor kitchen anywhere to entertain your guests.

Move your outdoor kitchen to avoid bad weather or to give your indoor or outdoor space a different look.

Customize your perfect outdoor escape