Protective Covers


Outdoor furniture is extremely vulnerable to the elements. When considering your luxury islands, we want to make sure that you can care for your cart in the best possible way. Our line of quality covers will offer the best protection, to keep your outdoor mobile kitchen in great condition for years to come. The quality material, ease of use, and fit make these the best choice to protect your Indu+ Island.

Solution dyed polyester is a durable material often used for items with high use and wear. Not only will this material endure the harsh rays of the sun, and constant use but it is colorfast, so it won’t fade over time. You can feel confident that this beautiful neutral gray color will hold wherever you decide to store your cart.

These covers are also conveniently made to help you with the ease of placement and removal. Simply unzip, zippers on both sides and use handles to place and remove. No fuss, no muss! The tailor-made fit will also ensure that dust, dirt and rain cannot enter. For the best care, trust our Indu+ Protective Covers.


  • Made of 100% solution dyed polyester.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • UV & water resistant.  
  • Custom fit.
  • Zipper and handles for easy use.

    Overall Dimensions: 

    Bistro Island Cover: 57"L x 28"W x 36"H

    Bar Island Cover: 40.5"L x 19"W x 29"H

    Grill Island Cover: 56"L x 26.5"W x 36"H


    Available protective cover: 

    • Bar Isle Protective Cover - $300.00 each
    • Grill Island Protective Cover - $330.00 per set
    • Bistro Island Protective Cover - $330.00 per set